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The 2nd wave of "Penghu Chill Tour" themed itinerary makes a strong debut!

The Pescadores Islands are blessed with nature's bounty; not only are they endowed with unique aquatic resources and the world's rare basalt geological landscape, but there are also many traditional arts and cultures that are worth savoring. To promote the valuable cultural characteristics and ecological resources, the Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (PNSAA) rolled out the first wave of "Penghu Chill Tour" themed itineraries from September to December this year (2023), including "Lintou Beach Seine Fun," "Chenggong Lu-Yu-Zai Fishing Fun," "Cuttlefish Paste DIY at Cauliflower Old Memory Restaurant," "Straw Shoes Weaving," "Nanliao Animal-Shaped Rice Snacks Molding Fun" and "wearfra Perfume Workshop," which have been well received by visitors. The second wave of themed tours will be launched from January to March 2024, including "Getting to Know Penghu Green Gold – Seaweed," "Oyster Shell Turtle DIY" and "Gyotaku Making Fun."


The three golds of Penghu in winter include black gold nori seaweed, green gold seaweed and white gold Spanish mackerel. "Getting to Know Penghu Green Gold - Seaweed" allows tourists to gain an in-depth understanding of the processing process of Penghu seaweed and knowledge of Penghu algae, and through interactive experience of drying seaweed and the process of bagging and packing, the delicious taste of Penghu seaweed can be taken home. The "Oyster Shell Turtle Keychain DIY" workshop uses discarded oyster shells as raw materials and the beautiful patterns of Penghu coral stone as an artistic touch, turning decay into magic by innovative application of recycled materials. Join us to go through the complete making process of mixing, molding and stripping, and make our own special oyster shell coral turtle keychain with Penghu marine characteristics!

"Gyotaku Making Fun": Back in the days when there were no cameras, people used to make gyotaku to document their abundant fish catches, and nowadays gyotaku has become a form of artistic creation. By observing and practicing gyotaku, everyone can become an artist!


In the autumn and winter of this year, not only are the "Penghu Chill Tour" themed itineraries open for registration, but there are also the Taiwan Tour Bus Penghu North Loop Route, Penghu Southern Island Route, and Penghu Northern Island Route, which are available until December 31st, 2023 and allow a two-people travel for the price of only one person. In addition, the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (TTS) fare discount is also officially launched! From now until August 31, 2025, holders of e-tickets (including mobile payment) can enjoy half-price discounts on all 45 TTS routes, regardless of weekdays and holidays. With exciting themed activities, TTS Penghu routes, Magong North Loop routes, and Husi routes being offered, everyone is welcome to explore Penghu in depth during autumn and winter and take a slow trip.


For details, please stay tuned to the Penghu National Scenic Area Administration (PNSAA) Facebook fan page or refer to the registration websites below:

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