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3 Days 2 Nights

 Daguoye Columnar Basalt

Ocean Diver Journey- Enjoy the Sea Breezes with a Relaxing 3-Day Trip


Explore the ocean through snorkeling, guided by the first company to collaborate with public sectors on coral restoration. On the second day, venture further into Jibei on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) excursion to explore stone weirs and learn about the history behind Penghu's stone weirs. On the final day, head back to the main island for a northern tour. Visit Fisher Island, explore the historic Erkan residences, and savor a delicious meal prepared with local ingredients to mark a perfect ending.



★Jibei Island (Shell Handicraft DIY)

★Twin Hearts Stone Weir of Jibei (Paddleboarding, Stone Trap Guide)

★North Loop Tour (Ammo Depot, Daguoye Columnar Basalt, Erkan Village)

★Lintou Beach


※A minimum of 2 people is required, starting at NT$7,950 per person. ※Includes accommodation, itinerary, one motorbike. ※Winter itinerary may be adjusted

Huxi East Loop Bike Tour

Bike Travel Journey- Explore Penghu through Low-Carbon Three-Day Trip


Bike for 20km each day, connecting with public transportation to enhance your experience. Immerse yourself in local cuisine and temple culture to fully explore Penghu while embracing the island's laid-back pace of life.


★City Bike Tour (Central Old Street, Duxing 10th Village, Visiting Sanjia Qi Bao Temple)

★Evening Bike Ride (International Plaza/Fisherman's Wharf)

★South Loop Half-Day Bike Tour (Presented Scholar Chai Ting Lan Residence, Wukan Coastline, Suogang Town Wind Tower, Suogang Bicycle Rest Stop, Wude Bicycle Rest Stop, Shihli Beach, Shanshui Beach)

★Huxi East Loop Bike Tour (Lintou Beach, Taipower Painted Chimney, O2Lab, Longmen Military Position, Guoyeh Village)

★Local Handicraft Experience (Sea Silversmith - Water Wave Silver Ring, Fish Printing, Handmade Mini Straw Shoe Hanging Ornament)


※A minimum of 2 people is required, starting at NT$8,650 per person. ※Includes accommodation, itinerary, and two bicycles.