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Fly Cruise" – Penghu Tour Joint Promotion! Enjoy three kinds of experiential itineraries!

To encourage tourists to visit Penghu in autumn and winter seasons to experience the most popular fly cruise: one air travel, one Penghu Ferry trip! The Penghu Tourism Circle is cooperating with travel agencies to unveil the fly cruise model - Penghu experiential tour joint promotional activities. From now until November 15, 2023, tourists who come to Penghu to go on a fly-cruise (stay in Penghu and take one round trip by boat and by plane) will be entitled to receive a NT$200 online coupon from the Wave Penghu product/itinerary pre-ordering platform. With this coupon in hand, you can enjoy a NT$200 discount when ordering food, lodging, travel, shopping, and tourism products on KKday, Clouding Travel, and Ph BAY stores on the Wave Penghu platform, by entering a discount code or collecting a discount coupon for an order of NT$1,000 or more. (The billing amount cannot be accumulated on the three platforms, and the e-tickets cannot be redeemed, and the coupon can be used until November 15, 2023)

Travelers enrolled in a fly cruise itinerary offered by a travel agency can receive directly from the travel agency a NT$200 online coupon issued by the Wave Penghu pre-order platform. Independent travelers can also present proof of purchase (e.g. air and ferry ticket stubs, invoices or receipts issued by B&Bs or hotels, etc.) to obtain a coupon from the executive unit (No. 13, Minquan Road, Magong City).

The Wave Penghu pre-order platform has added more than 600 products, including food, lodging, tours, shopping, transport, etc., all of which are the most delicious, interesting and unique products in Penghu. Through the discounts offered by the pre-ordering platform, consumers can go on a trip to Penghu during the autumn season. While relishing three kinds of experiential itineraries, namely sea cruise, air flight and land tour, they can deeply appreciate the history, culture and tourist attractions of Penghu, feel the fun of slow travel in the Islands, and indulge in the scrumptious seafood and buy a variety of specialty souvenirs to boost the economic benefits of autumn and winter tourism.

The fly cruise model - Penghu experiential tour joint promotional activities are running from now until November 15, 2023, with a total of 315 discount offers, on a first come first served basis. For more information about this activity, please contact Ms. Chiang at (06) 9261030.

The link to the program and the QR code is as follows:

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