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Penghu Ferry X Wave Penghu "Double Tour": Get Wave Penghu pre-order platform coupon for free when you take the ferry!

Still watching YouTubers unboxing Penghu Ferry service? If you are interested, why don't you take action now? The newest and trendiest Penghu Ferry service will not stop in autumn and winter, taking you to the Pescadores to feel the tranquility and have a good time watching the sea while enjoying the bliss of being free from cares.

From now until November 6, 2023, Wave Penghu is specially conducting a joint marketing campaign with Penghu Ferry. The coupon will be given for any ferry trip, so that travelers can choose the Penghu Ferry as the first choice when going to and from Penghu and Kaohsiung, and have a Penghu-Kaohsiung "double tour." For any ticket bookings on Penghu Ferry (Kaohsiung to Penghu, Penghu to Kaohsiung) during the campaign period, consumers can get a coupon worth NT$100 from the Wave Penghu platform at the counter at the same time. Consumers who use this coupon to place orders on the Wave Penghu platform will get NT$100 off an order of NT$500 or more by entering the discount code shown on the voucher, and the coupon can be used until November 15, 2023.

The Penghu Ferry X Wave Penghu "Double Tour" joint marketing campaign is cooperating with KKday, Clouding Travel and Ph BAY stores on the Wave Penghu product/itinerary pre-ordering platform, and you can get online coupons for travelling on the Penghu Ferry! More than 700 items are available on the Wave Penghu pre-order platform, including food, lodging, tours, shopping, and transportation, all of which are the most delicious, fun, and unique products in Penghu, and "Double Tour" is definitely the most cost-effective autumn travel option for you! The link to related events and the QR code is as follows

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